Friday, 27 July 2012

General Manager steps in

Got a call late today from the General Manager, did not think my email would head that high.

He was very embarrassed it had been missed at the start and also apologised after a member of the drafting team did not follow up on a voicemail that was left on my desk phone to contact them a few weeks back (i really should check them more often)

Basically told us they had no issue if we decided to send it back through council, it will cost them money to do so but not sure what would happen with the tender period as they have yet to work that out.

We have been offered some compensation if we go forward with the change to 1.5m which is better than nothing. So my current backyard is all spray painted to show the difference on both sides of the house so we can make a decision for Monday.

Cancelled the meeting....

Sent an email to them this morning with all our concerns and trying to work out if someone was meant to contact us and why they did not know about the regulations. Told them we are not coming into sign until we get answers

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Hold the phone..... Problem number 2...

Not a good day today......

Due to go in to sign the Building Agreement tomorrow, called to ask if they had onsite parking and my CSO asked if she had sent the final variation stuff i said no so through it came.

First variation was Left side setback changed to 1.5m to meet complying development guidelines....... Now i had been told early Allworth required 1.2m even though i wanted 900mm. I let that go but to lose now a total of 600mm from the side has got my blood boiling.

On the phone to the CSO spewing about it, asking why I was not told about this 3 weeks ago before it was submitted.

To make matters worse if it went through council i would not be having the issue, or if my block was 17.99m not 18m exactly it would not be an issue under complying development.

The wife is upset as much as I am, CSO said we can go back through council but when we go past our tender period in 2 weeks we will be up for a $3600 increase and we would have to pay the costs to send it to council (no idea how much).

The final option would be lose our deposit and walk away.........

Not happy campers today and really do not want to front in there tomorrow and sign.....

Monday, 23 July 2012

Plans Approved!!!

After a false start last week, told it was approved a week ago and then a phone call that afternoon being told nope now has to go for Waterboard approval, it is finally Approved!!!!

Pumping the builder to get moving and have the paperwork finished for my RDO on Friday that I had scheduled.